Making Sustainable Foods a Part of Ford Models

There is no doubt that all over the world drivers have gravitated to more environmentally-friendly vehicles, whether it is models with high efficiency ratings, or that support sustainable fuels, drivers everywhere love the idea of more care for the environment. This sentiment is true for drivers in the Red Deer, AB area, who all can access the unparalleled new Ford lineup. To the surprise of everyone, it turns out that Ford has a great advantage in the sustainability race. See what we mean in the video below.

Utilizing elements of soybeans, rice hulls, wheat straw, coconut, and more, Ford models like the new Ford Fusion offer an incredible list of biomaterials which can be found in the vehicle. Currently, Ford is also researching and testing ways to include elements of other sustainable foods like sugar cane, tomatoes, dandelion, corn, bamboo, and more. All of this is in hopes of boldly stepping into the future and providing safer, more enjoyable, and environmentally-friendly vehicles to drivers throughout Alberta.

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