Ford + Dogs = a Great Day Out!

Whether you're headed to the park, out to the lake, or just for a stroll downtown, we can bet dollars to donuts that your dog would like to come along. And more likely than not, you want them to come with you!

Luckily, the new Ford lineup is ready to handle dogs of all shapes, sizes, and muddiness levels! The eco-friendly Ford Fusion ensures that your road trips have less stops for gas (no promises on potty breaks), while the commanding new Ford Expedition has room enough for your whole pack. Wherever your adventures take you in Red Deer, AB, a new Ford is ready to go with you.

Because, really... who could say no to these faces?

If Rover and Fido got a little too excited on your last outing, and your car is now covered in drool, slobber, and muddy paw-prints, call Cam Clark Ford Red Deer today to schedule a detailing appointment with our service center. We'll get your vehicle washed, waxed, and cleaned just in time for date night.

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