Head to the Christmas Tree Farm with a Brand New Ford

At Cam Clark Ford Red Deer, our team always enjoys seeing area homes draped in Christmas lights and seeing the glow of each family's tree emanating through their windows. This holiday season though, what we're most excited to do is to offer our customers a few tips when it comes to bringing home the family Christmas tree! If you and yours are heading out to the local Christmas tree farm soon, we suggest taking a look at the video below. While it won't explain the differences between a Douglas fir and a white spruce, it will certainly give you some helpful tips on taking your tree home for the holidays:

When it really comes down to it, there aren't many ways to get a Christmas tree home unless you have the proper car and, if we're being honest, what better vehicle is there than a brand new Ford? Fortunately, when it comes to this holiday season, when you stop in to our showroom you'll find a comprehensive selection of new Ford models. Featuring everything from spacious sedans to potent pickups, you'll be sure to find a Ford model that's ready to get you through this year's holiday season. If you're ready to conquer the holiday season with a shiny new Ford, we invite you to visit our showroom today!

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